Going for the Gose!

Thanks to wonderful brewing texts like “Brewing with Wheat“, I’ve known about the existence of Gose (pronounced goes-uh), though I can’t say I ever gave it too much thought until I recently enjoyed my first taste of a Gose. The Gose from Westbrook Brewing is fantastic! It melds all the flavors one should expect from the … More Going for the Gose!

The Value of Beer Naming

There are over 2,000 breweries in the United States with new ones opening each day. With each brewery producing several styles of beer it’s no wonder every week I seem to stumble upon an article about a lawsuit, or a cease and desist over a trademarked name of some beer. As the craft beer market … More The Value of Beer Naming

Wet Hopping an ESB.

This was not a good year for my hops. They started out strong, but there were a few dry stretches, and I didn’t trim them nearly as well as I should have so I’m not ending up with many hops on the bines. The Cascade did really well, but both the Nugget and Centennial sort … More Wet Hopping an ESB.

My New Hop Rocket

So I was finally able to have a brewday where I had the opportunity to test out my new Blichmann Hop Rocket. I’ve been coveting one of these for awhile but never pulled the trigger on it as there were many other things that had a higher priority in my homebrew setup. Fortunately my dad … More My New Hop Rocket