To Pils, or not to Pils?

I had been planning that my first brew after my time off would be a Pils. When it came time to start thinking about getting a yeast starter going I noticed just how old the package of lager yeast I had was. Seeing as how you generally want to pitch lager yeasts at a larger … More To Pils, or not to Pils?


Taking Inventory: Hops

I’ve been really haphazard about keeping track of my homebrew ingredients for awhile. After going on a bit of a hop buying spree I figured that I should figure out exactly what I had and how much of it. After digging through the freezer and breaking out the scale I figured out I had 28 … More Taking Inventory: Hops

The Homebrew Hiatus

It’s been a few weeks now since the last time I actually did any homebrewing. It’s been the longest stretch in quite awhile that I’ve gone without brewing something, but for once I think it’s with a pretty good reason. Any day now we’re expecting the birth of our second child. Since our first came … More The Homebrew Hiatus

Review: Good People IPA

Well it’s been awhile since my last post(gee, how many times have I said that), but I’ve been inspired recently by trying several new beers. I figured a little review of each one would be a good way to not only share some of the beers I’ve discovered, but also have a record of the … More Review: Good People IPA

Growing Up Some Hops

A couple of years ago I made an effort to grow hops. Ordered some rhizomes as well as got a few from a fellow homebrewer. It was a failure. Our soil is pretty bad. A lot of the area I live in used to be nearly swamp land that was filled in. There are lots … More Growing Up Some Hops

New year, new beer!

This year has started out really good in terms of beer for me! Other things haven’t been bad either, but I’ve hit the ground running in terms of both one of my most favorite hobbies and professionally as well. In terms of homebrew both my wife and my parents gifted me with shiny new homebrew … More New year, new beer!

Fondleslab? Seriously?

I’ve never liked the term “slate” when it comes to devices like the iPad. Of corse for many geeks “tablet” makes them think for the old Windows unwieldily touchscreen devices. I’ve also heard them refered to as “slabs” which I just find to be atrocious. Now I’ve been exposed to a new term for them … More Fondleslab? Seriously?