March Pump Upgrade

One of the things I’ve had problems with recents has been my March Pump. It’s the 809HS model and it’ll get some cavitation issues, especially when pumping hot wort. This is a common problem, and one of the the reasons I most hear for this issue is that the impeller in the 809 is really … More March Pump Upgrade

Samurai Saison

My most recent brewing session was influenced by re-reading both the fine books “Brewing with Wheat” by Stan Hieronymus and “Farmhouse Ales” by Phil Markowski. While I do enjoy a lot of the Abbey style of beers that came out of and were inspired by Belgian brewers, it’s the other styles from that fine brewing … More Samurai Saison

Bad Kitty Pils

Earlier in the week I went ahead with my first brew day since the 5th of January! It’s hard to fathom that it’s been that long. I guess that being able to brew commercially at Rogues Harbor kept me from going crazy; but I just can’t shake the quest to do something creative and new. … More Bad Kitty Pils

Taking Inventory: Hops

I’ve been really haphazard about keeping track of my homebrew ingredients for awhile. After going on a bit of a hop buying spree I figured that I should figure out exactly what I had and how much of it. After digging through the freezer and breaking out the scale I figured out I had 28 … More Taking Inventory: Hops

The Homebrew Hiatus

It’s been a few weeks now since the last time I actually did any homebrewing. It’s been the longest stretch in quite awhile that I’ve gone without brewing something, but for once I think it’s with a pretty good reason. Any day now we’re expecting the birth of our second child. Since our first came … More The Homebrew Hiatus