This is Just a Place Holder

All day I kept thinking about making a post. The problem was that I couldn’t actually come up with anything to say. Nothing potentially interesting anyway, but in the interest of getting myself in to the habit I figured I’d just babble, making this nice little place holder post. I know there’s no reason I need to post every day, but until I actually start writing anything interesting here I just want to keep reminding myself that this blog exists.

September is a slow month at work so I’ve been trying to fill it with a lot of little random tasks. Of course there’s only a finite number of things I can do while also having to keep an eye over the retail front. Fortunately I’m going to be doing a lot more with the company website so that will at least give me something to play around with from time to time. It was originally set up by some other company, so I’m going to spend some quality time going over the code and cleaning it up as necessary. I’ll probably also comment the hell out of things so that if in the future someone else takes it over they’ll at least have some concept of what the hell was going on. That’s always the worst, taking over someone else’s server and then having to decipher everything that they did. It’s yet another on a long list of things I don’t miss about working in tech for a living.