Hulu – Good Seed Gone Bad.

When Hulu began it was a great idea.  It was the first sign that someone, somewhere, was starting to “get it” when it came to watching media content.  Hulu freed television from the model we have become familiar with.  Where once a show would come on at a certain time on a certain day, broadcast … More Hulu – Good Seed Gone Bad.


A Windows 7 Follow-up.

While my first look at Windows 7 has been pretty positive I’ve found a couple issues not only in my own use of it, but in reading some experiences of others.  It really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Microsoft is forcing some seriously restricting DRM with Windows 7.  With a lot of … More A Windows 7 Follow-up.

The Windows Experience

As I mentioned earlier I’ve began using a Windows machine for some day to day stuff as well as my trusty MacBook.  I’ve been a Mac user for a great many years, and have also worked doing extensive support for them back when I was a professional geek.  I’ve used Windows off and on that … More The Windows Experience