Drinking in the cold.

When you think of beer in the winter your likely to think of robust porters, rich and malty doppelbocks, or the classic thick and heavy stouts. These are all fabulous styles of beer with a myriad of interpretations all across the country as many breweries seek to craft these fine brews for the winter months. … More Drinking in the cold.


DVD Oddities.

As I was ripping some of my DVD’s so that I could add them to my AppleTV I ran in to an issue with one of the episodes on a disc of Las Vegas.  The first episode on the third disc continually ripped with the sound majorly our of sync with the video.  All the … More DVD Oddities.

The world is coming to an end, porn needs money.

A couple different people pointed me in the direction of this little tidbit today.  Apparently the porn industry has joined the long list of companies stretching out their hands for bailout money.  Once thought to be recession proof, the pornography kings have decided why take chances, and decided to add their names to the list of companies … More The world is coming to an end, porn needs money.

Is Livejournal on its way out?

Well there have now been reports of significant layoffs of Livejournal staff that came with no notice, and apparently no severance either.  Apparently the Russian company that purchased Livejournal last year has come to realize that the social networking bubble was already beginning to burst when they bought it – and with a wide reaching economic downturn it looks … More Is Livejournal on its way out?

100th Post!

It’s taken a stupid long time to get to this point since I started the new blog, but I have now hit the very uninspiring 100th post milestone!  I’m not sure if its irony, or some sort of sign that this milestone comes right at one of my pushes to get back in to my … More 100th Post!