The NHL Championship is a Rerun.

Lord Stanley’s cup, one of the most storied trophies in professional sports.  It has a long history, exciting moments, and those that were downright bizarre (both on and off the ice).  It is the most coveted of items in the hockey world, and this year it seems we have to suffer through a rerun.  Both the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins will be meet again to compete for the Cup – yes, the same two teams as last year.  In fact the players haven’t really even changed (other than Hossa playing for the Wings instead of the Pens as he signed with them feeling they had a better chance this year that the Penguins did).  It’s hard to get excited for this series.  Like last year I’ll likely be half-heartedly cheering for the Penguins.  Though if I were a betting man I’d put my money on Detroit.  Like I said, nothing has really changed from last season.  Sure, maybe the Penguins will feel a little more comfortable with that extra experience under their belt.  But face it, last year they lost the series in 5 games.  In fact they couldn’t even manage a single goal in either game one or two of the series.  This time, I expect, Pittsburgh will actually put a few in the net the first game (and probably the second), but I can’t see them dominating a best of 7 series.  Detroit’s older players are like the Energizer Bunny.  A youthful Chicago team couldn’t wear their top line down and Pittsburgh certainly doesn’t have the kind of grinders that will go out there and wreak havoc with Detroit’s offense.  We’ve been here.  We’ve seen this, and frankly I wasn’t all that entertained by it last year.  Hopefully the Penguins can make a series of it, but I kind of doubt it.  A week ago, when I saw this rematch coming, I figured the Wings would again win it in 5.  It must be my mood, but I think the Penguins this year have enough in them to win 2 games – sadly for them the first with 4 wins takes Lord Stanley’s cup… and that’s just what Detroit will do… hoist the cup on Pittsburgh ice after game 6.