Photo Blogging.

Well my Gallery site I was originally using to post photo’s suddenly decided it wanted to upgrade itself – and apparently it upgraded itself in to some sort of permissions nightmare.  As I’ve always felt gallery was a little over-complicated for my needs I decided to look around at other options.

Flickr, is of course, the most obvious and tempting option.  Lots of people use it.  Lots of people seem really happy with it.  However it has one flaw that keeps me from using it.  It’s all run and controlled by someone else.  That someone else being the Yahoo! collective and I’m not sure I want them asserting whatever rights they feel, or selling the entire site to whomever they want at the drop of a hat.  I’m not as worried about losing photos if they ever went away (I doubt Flickr will just close its doors overnight at some point), nor am I worried about what happens if their servers fall apart, or are hacked, or what have you.  I back things up.  I have local copies of everything as well as offsite copies.  I just don’t like giving too much control over my words or pictures to others.  It’s why I maintain this blog (more or less) in addition to my LiveJournal one.  It’s also why I post more important (to me anyway) posts here and use LiveJournal for announcements and random thought type posts.  So at the end of the day I decided to use Yet Another Photo Blog plugin with WordPress.

Right now I haven’t added all the photo’s that I had posted before, but I will slowly be adding my favorites along with new ones that I find.  So feel free to explore my new PhotoBlog!