Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

After a lot of thinking, pondering, going back and forth, and more than just a little bit of drooling, I finally broke down and got an iPad. Yes, I’m quite aware when the iPad came out that I panned it. One of my complaints, like many others, is that the iPad is just a big iPod touch. In many ways it is nothing more than that, but I’ve come to the conclusion, so what?

The iPod touch has been a real champ for me over the past couple of years, but the size had it’s limitations. It was good for light browsing and some quick e-mails, but it got a little tiring for protracted use for me. Not to mention the battery wasn’t suited to all day use. It’s a great little media device, but after a couple years I couldn’t help but want more.

Once it was announced that iOS 4 wouldn’t run on the 1st generation iPod touch I knew it was about time to start looking in to a replacement. To be honest at that point I still hadn’t really considered the iPod and was eagerly awaiting the 4th generation iPod touch as that’s what I was pretty sure I was going to upgrade to. When it was announced I was fairly impressed by it, though like many others I felt that using an underwhelming camera just to make the device thinner was a rather annoying move – likely one meant to minimize cannibalization of iPhone sales. Still I gave it a good look and was still fairly certain I was going to go with that. Then I played with the iPad demo at Best Buy. I was hooked.

I’m now a little over 24 hours in to owning one and it’s been a good experience so far. Most of the iPad specific apps I’ve played with are well thought out and imaginatively take advantage of the extra space the iPad screen offers. The web use is fantastic and I can’t say the lack of flash has been an issue. Sure, I don’t have much against Flash and wouldn’t mind seeing it on the iPad. I was most impressed by the ESPN website which normally uses quite a bit of Flash, but detects that you’re on the iPad and adjusts accordingly, taking out the flash and replacing with what I’d suspect is HTML 5.

I’ve yet to play with the 3G options on it, but the built in GPS is more than adequate. It might not zero in on my exact position, but it comes close enough for my needs on a device like this. I’ll have more to say about the 3G and traveling with the iPad after my upcoming trip to California.

After a day of use (and going gaga after the great battery life) I love the iPad.