Fondleslab? Seriously?

I’ve never liked the term “slate” when it comes to devices like the iPad. Of corse for many geeks “tablet” makes them think for the old Windows unwieldily touchscreen devices. I’ve also heard them refered to as “slabs” which I just find to be atrocious. Now I’ve been exposed to a new term for them which makes every inch of my soul cry out in hellish agony: “fondleslab”. Seriously.

Apparently the term was originally born as a jab about those people who drool all over their newest bit of technology in public. Of course this term was given to us by the same people who insist on using the term “fanboi”, yes, with that awful spelling. A lot of the words born on the Internet, usually spread like wildfire by forum trolls, make me cringe. It’s as bad as people who use all the abbreviations popularized by texting even in long form media. This new abuse of the English language might, in my opinion, be the worst. It certainly has jumped straight to the top 5 at any rate.