The CHA and the Sopranos

I was supposed to head off to Rhode Island today, but due to some issues there it wasn’t a good time for me to go.  Since that trip was put off I decided to just spend the day relaxing.  Well part of that relaxing included putting on the webcast of the Niagara v. Beimidji state hockey game for the CHA championship (and a bid to the NCAA tournament).  I spent a lot of time pacing around my room while listening to this game.  It was a tense one.  Beimidji’s goalie was on fire.  He was stopping all kinds of craziness that was thrown at him which gave them enough momentum to start scoring on a rather icy performance by Niagara’s generally good goaltender.  Niagara tried to come back late in the third, but they didn’t have enough to force an overtime and Beimidji won.  Yes, I was quite dissapointed.  However I hope they do well in the tournament.  If my boys can’t be there then I’d like to at least see someone from the CHA do really well.  It’s a longshot, sure, but I love the underdog.

I’ve been sitting in the dark listening to my growin music collection, just sort of relaxing while waiting for the pick me up that will be tonights 6th season of the Sopranos premiere.  I’ll enjoy a little high definition viewing of it too.  This should certainly help lift my mood back up.  The growler of beer isn’t hurting in that regard either.

And finally, I’m aware the server is still slow.  I’ve eliminated a lot of possible problems and am left with a mystery on my hands.  So I’ll continue checking that out – but not tonight.  My brain is done for the evening.