Just a working stiff.

Even though I’m in theory going back to Monday through Friday I still haven’t actually had that schedule yet. I should end up starting Monday through Friday which of course means another one day weekend for me. That’s okay though, I’ll survive. With my truck in for repairs I could use the extra hours anyway. Denise is away for the weekend – she’s playing with the Sirens in a hockey tournament up at Brampton (that’s Canada).

It’s a fun time to be working at Ithaca Beer(okay, it’s a fun time a great deal of the time, but right now is especially so) with all the new beers that are coming out. Three of our summer seasonal beers are out in bottles and draft now (Apricot Wheat, Flower Power, and Pils) with the fourth coming out in another week. We have our Excelsior series on the verge of coming out(it should be ready within a week, the first out being the White Gold), and we’re seeing more visitors than ever. I’ve never been accused of being a people person but I am meeting some really interesting people. Some of them really make coming to work worthwhile. Sure, I get some people who I want to bitch slap up and down the street, but thankfully they are the minority. I’m excited in how things are developing at work. It’s a great time to be part of a close team developing some great new beers and introducing people to the world of craft brews.