Eroding LiveJournal

There’s been an outcry on LiveJournal as of late due to certain liberties being stripped.  In an overzealous reaction to a barely literate organization LiveJournal has suspended numerous accounts and communities for having keywords such as rape or incest.  No research or investigation was done.  Numerous of these groups were support communites for survivors of … More Eroding LiveJournal


Pre-Cup Thoughts.

I’ve been silent lately.  Not only have I been stunned by the Sabres absolute dismantling by the Senators, but life has been hectic.  Between the Sabres lack of inspiration, and the Senators amazing defensive prowess I was absolutely taken back.  The Senators should be congradulated for doing what no one expected them to do, and … More Pre-Cup Thoughts.

Beer and more beer.

Last night we finally bottled the barley wine.  At least with this style letting it condition in the secondary isn’t a bad thing.  Tasted some out of the jar I took the hydrometer reading from.  Pretty yummy.  You can feel the heat from the alcohol though – I’m hoping that’s going to mellow after a … More Beer and more beer.