White Gold and Playoff Thoughts.

Last night was the release party for the White Gold.  There was a decent sized crowd there.  It was good to see a majority of the staff show up for it – it’s always quite the change hanging out with these people outside of the work setting.  Sure, our work is really casual.  Still, people always act a little different when they are outside of the workplace.  It was really gratifying to see just how much of the White Gold they were pouring at Pixel.  Looking around nearly every table was filled with people drinking glasses of it.  We can only hope that the event for each beer gets bigger than the one before it.  One down.  Three more to go.

For the Sabres it’s four down, twelve to go.  Sixteen is the magic number of wins.  Sixteen wins gets you Lord Stanley’s cup.  I don’t care what people say, it is the finest trophy in all of sports.  It’s etched with history – the names of all those others who lifted the cup in triumph.  It’s inspiring.  The other series are nearly over.  Today the Devils won thus settling the dust in the first round for the East.  Next up the Sabres face another New York metro area team as they meet the Rangers.  Sure, the Ranger’s surprised me with how handily they beat Atlanta.  I was pretty sure they would beat Atlanta, I just didn’t expect them to sweep them as if the Thrashers didn’t even bother to field a team.  Still, I’m not worried.  I’ve seen the Rangers game.  The Sabres have what it takes to play against them.  No, they won’t roll over them, but I don’t expect this series to be a nail biter.  Really, the only team out there that worries me right now is the Ottawa Senators so I am hoping that the Devils take care of them so the boys from Buffalo won’t have to meet them in the conference finals.

I’m watching the Detroit vs. Calgary game right now.  This series has been ridiculous.  Basically the home team has gotten all the breaks, scored all the goals, dictated all the plays.  This game, in Calgary, is pretty tight though.  I was wondering how it would be after game 5 in which the Calgary backup goaltender went berserk and smashed his stick across someones chest.  Ouch.  Goalies have a big fuckin’ stick.  It’s a 1-1 game currently.  Even if the “only win at home” thing holds Detroit has the advantage as game 7 is in Detroit.  Though Detroit smells blood.  A win tonight and they move on.  They don’t want to give Calgary any chance to get back in to this one and I don’t blame them.  The Flames are a tough team – and Detroit players are already feeling blue from last seasons early exit.  They really want to avoid that one.