Day off.

Since I have to work this Saturday I got today off instead.  While the thought of just being lazy and not really doing a thing crossed my mind more than once, I did some productive things as well.  I applied for a passport – a first for me.  I’ve never been out of the country (other than several trips to Canada), but I’m hoping to fix that sometime next year.  Hopefully after the wedding we’ll be able to go somewhere fun, like Ireland.  We’ll see how that goes.

I’ve also been doing some cleaning around the kitchen, and am making my chicken soup.  Chicken soup is one of my favorite foods of all time.  I make the stock from scratch – it’s really an all day activity so I have to do it on a day I don’t work.  The weather looked sufficiently gloomy for chicken soup so I’ve got the stock pot in the kitchen boiling away.  The aroma is already making me drool.  I don’t really have a recipe I follow, it’s more just done from memory though I should write it down at some point so I can share it with others.  It’s a slightly modified version of the chicken soup my mom always made.

That’s another thing to add to my todo list: make a page for recipes and make a page for homebrew recipes.