Phone Phear.

I couldn’t tell you what exactly it is about phones that freak me out, but there is something. It takes a great deal of physical and mental effort on my part to work up the ability to make a phone call. Answering the phones isn’t a huge deal – more often than not it’s a … More Phone Phear.

Google Experimenting.

I’ve always been curious about how quickly the minions of Google index websites and such. It seems like they’re on the ball about it so I created a couple of test pages using some friends names – ones whose names yield virtually no search results when I looked earlier today. These are the kinds of … More Google Experimenting.

Back in the saddle.

Want to talk about all kinds of server messups, and other issues. That’s what I get for giving someone else temporary administrative access on this server. You can bet I won’t be making that mistake again – at least not without testing their OS X server fu first. I still need to do a little … More Back in the saddle.