Slipping time.

Turn your back for a moment and the days whip on by.  Still, as far as posting goes it’s been a better month than most.  Time to really focus that brain in for the writingpaloza that will be November.

The wedding yesterday was nice.  It was very casual, very laid back, and I my lazy ass got to do some walking which is always a good thing.  I still question having someone sing during the ceremony.  I’m more the just get it done with so we can eat and drink type.

Not sure how to feel after dominating three periods of play in our first game of the season, yet still losing 1 – 5.  Their goalie was seriously good and all their goals came from two players on breakaways.  On the plus side we play this way against other goalies in this league and we’ll win a lot more games than we lose.

It’s a four day week for me.  Then a five day weekend.  That certainly doesn’t hurt.  Still, Monday is off to one hell of a slow start.  It’s gorgeous weather outside, but from all forecasts that’s about to change tonight.  Good.  We have a game at Cass on Thursday and I heard the weekend games there were hell with it being 70 out.

The trip to California should be interesting on many levels – I think I’ll go more in to that later.

It’s time for more coffee.