Happy New Year!

While I may be spending New Year at home feeling a little under the weather rather than out enjoying the evening with friends 2007 has been a pretty good year.  Sure, this month hasn’t been that great, and it’s rather fitting that I’m ending the month feeling run down, but over all this has been … More Happy New Year!

Super Burnout.

I’m not talking about the video game here, I’m burning out.  The holidays are always tough – I don’t have a lot of that family or shopping stress – it’s just that because we have a bunch of students working here who all disappear around the holidays I end up working a crazy number of … More Super Burnout.

Merry Christmas!

For those who celebrate Christmas may it be merry and bright!  For those of you who don’t I wish you much happiness and joy, and hopefully a wonderfully relaxing day off spending it in whatever manner you choose! While I don’t have much time off (just today in fact) I plan to use it wisely … More Merry Christmas!