Super Burnout.

I’m not talking about the video game here, I’m burning out.  The holidays are always tough – I don’t have a lot of that family or shopping stress – it’s just that because we have a bunch of students working here who all disappear around the holidays I end up working a crazy number of hours.  Plus I end up dealing with other peoples holiday stress as we get people in here last minute shopping for random gifts.  Then there’s all the running around after work because around the holidays everyone wants to get together, or go out and do this or that.  I don’t really remember what my living room looks like anymore.

Today is a half day for me.  The parents are in town so I’d like to see them for a little bit rather than always be at work while they’re here.  Tomorrow though will be a full day of working.  Saturdays are crazy days to work. Between tours and large groups, and just generally being just slightly more busy than two people can handle its going to wear the last bit of me out I’m sure.  Fortunately Sunday there are no plans other than sitting on the couch.  Maybe I’ll treat myself to a new XBox game and spend the whole day blowing up aliens or some such.  It will be a good relaxing day.  Life should return to some sense of normal around January 12th once our student staff get back in town.  But for the time being its zombie mode for me.