Changes? Did I really say that?

All right, so I thought there was about to be some major changes to the website.  More specifically I was going to change the entire engine that drives this blog, but after some experimentation I’m quite happy just staying with WordPress.  Sure, there’s some things that I’d like to see, but nothing that is of major importance – and pretty much every other solution kind of sucks, or is just serious over kill for my needs.  I think the only major change is that I’ve made three posts in a row – it’s been awhile since I’ve done that.

However I’ve started cleaning up a lot of my older stories – putting some polish on them, so that I can post them to this website.  Several are very short stories, others are incomplete, but maybe putting the polish on them, and putting them up here will help inspire more writing on my part.  I’m hoping the creative spirit is going to be a part of the new year, but we shall see.  In the meantime keep an eye out for those snippets sometime in the next couple of days.