Lord Stanley’s Cup

All right, it’s finally here.  The best team in the East taking on the best team in the West in what should be a wild shoot ’em up. Pittsburgh Penguins v. Detroit Red Wings Detroit comes in to this game eager to return to the glory days where they dominated the NHL.  They finished with … More Lord Stanley’s Cup

Sad Clowns in Dallas

The Dallas Stars are playing like a team lucky to even be in the post season. Detroit is dominating them in every sense of the word, both mentally and physically. Not that I didn’t see this coming, but it really is embarrassing to watch the Stars completely collapse. I guess I should have predicted a … More Sad Clowns in Dallas

Offline Editor Experiment

Generally for posting to this blog (and for that matter, LiveJournal) I simply use the web interface. For awhile I’ve been considering working with some offline editors – so this morning seemed like a good time to do some research and narrow down my options. The two editors I’m going to be giving a shot … More Offline Editor Experiment

Semi Finals.

All right, so I’m a little late on posting this as the first game has already happened.  What can I say, I was discouraged by my abysmal picking from the previous round (only 1 of 4), but I still say in two of the games the Rangers were robbed by obscenely bad calls that directly … More Semi Finals.