Offline Editor Experiment

Generally for posting to this blog (and for that matter, LiveJournal) I simply use the web interface. For awhile I’ve been considering working with some offline editors – so this morning seemed like a good time to do some research and narrow down my options. The two editors I’m going to be giving a shot to are Ecto (the beta version as development on the 2.x seems to have dried up last year), and MarsEdit. Neither of which are free, sadly. I did a quick test of a couple free options and they were wholly unusable – in the case of when it kept posting the same LiveJournal entry multiple time which was pretty damn annoying. Fortunately both of the editors I’m trying out have a full featured evaluation period so I can see if either are worth giving my hard earned money to, or if it’s back to the web interface I go. I figure in a week or so I’ll do a nice little head to head write up with my experiences on each of them.