Put down the whistle.

The Penguins v. Rangers game frustrated me – and not just because every other sentence the announcers uttered had to be about Sidney Crosby (who has what, zero points so far in this series thank you very much), but by how one-sided a lot of the calling was.  The worst offense was the quick whistle … More Put down the whistle.

Grand Theft Box Office

In just over a week the most anticipated game release of the year will take place, Grand Theft Auto IV.  If you haven’t heard of the Grand Theft Auto series then you haven’t been paying any attention over the last several years.  Even if you aren’t inclined to play video games, this series has been … More Grand Theft Box Office

The Gallery is Alive!

Well I decided against a Flickr Pro account since I’m paying to have my own website hosted I might as well take advantage of that and set up my own gallery. I’ve used the Gallery2 software before so I knew it would do everything I wanted.  It only took a little bit of work to … More The Gallery is Alive!

Posts are back!

I’ve moved posts over from the old server to the new one as well as getting the formatting back to the way that it was. I’ve also made a few changes and there will be a few more minor ones on the way.  Using the new server it’ll be a lot easier to do some … More Posts are back!

It’s that time again!

Well the NHL playoffs start tomorrow and even though the Sabres decided to really suck it up the past couple of months it won’t keep me from watching some playoff action.  I figured as such it was time to once again post my predictions. Eastern Conference #1 Montreal Canadians v. #8 Boston Bruins – The … More It’s that time again!

Happy 75th Anniversary!

Today marks 75 years since beer was once again made legal in this country.  After a few dark years of underground boozing and the rise to power of the mafia, the government wised up, at least momentarally, to repeal Prohibition and once again allow booze to flow freely! So lift up a pint and celebrate … More Happy 75th Anniversary!