Online Backups

I used to have an offsite machine where I could easily sync backups off my laptop to (I like to have both local and offsite backups), but since that server is no longer in play I had been going for awhile without offsite backups.  While poking through some home inventory forms (you know, in case there is some home disaster), I realized that I no longer had any of my data offsite so I began looking at some various options for backing up data to an offsite location.  Right now I am playing around with Mozy.  It’s been one of the most reccomended services that I could find.  I’m playing with their free account which allows me to backup 2GB’s of files.  It runs in the background on my machine and backups up files from selected folders when any changes to them are made.  Eventually I want to backup all my photos as well but that will require something more than 2GB’s.  Fortunately I can upgrade the Mozy account to one with unlimited storage for only $4.95 a month.  Tht’s pretty hard to beat.  I’ll play around with the free account for awhile to see if this is the service I want to go with.  Feel free to comment with your Mozy experiences or any other backup service I should take a good hard look at.


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