Some things about beer.

People have asked me before why I don’t write more about beer; especially reviews of beers or breweries. The subject is actually a bit of a dilema for me since I work for Ithaca Beer. I’d hate for comments I make to come off as attacks on other breweries if I wrote anything but the most positive of reviews. And should I write an exceptionally glowing review it could come of as me attempting to be polite or worse in this day and age when even our personal lives are mired in politics. With the position I’m in itnjust wouldn’t be prudent for me to do more indepth looks in to specific beers or breweries. I certainly have plenty to say on the subject, andni like to think I have a fairly informed perspective on it, but for now I will save those conversations with a good friend over a beer somewhere. Don’t worry, I’ll still share when I find something truly outstanding out there, or all sorts of talk about homebrewing, but indepth commentary and reviews of the microbeer world just isn’t something you’ll find here. Fortunately there are plenty of good sites where you can get you beer reviewing fix.