100th Post!

It’s taken a stupid long time to get to this point since I started the new blog, but I have now hit the very uninspiring 100th post milestone!  I’m not sure if its irony, or some sort of sign that this milestone comes right at one of my pushes to get back in to my writing habit.  I’m not setting any particular goals such as daily posting or some such, but I would like to at least do four or five posts a week throughout the year.  For most posts I’ll at least try and find some particular topic to post on – most likely I’ll browse the web for inspiration, there’s always plenty of wacky shit out there I can use to post about.  But for this one (in part because I’m both tired and lazy), I’ll just ramble on a bit.  In fact I have rambled on a bit thanks to the fact that this is the 100th post so it gave me something perfectly inane to babble about.