DVD Oddities.

As I was ripping some of my DVD’s so that I could add them to my AppleTV I ran in to an issue with one of the episodes on a disc of Las Vegas.  The first episode on the third disc continually ripped with the sound majorly our of sync with the video.  All the other episodes ripped from the same disc worked flawlessly.  I tried different settings in Handbrake, then I tried VisualHub, but all of them had the same issue in varying degrees – none of them even close to right.  If you play the episode directly from the disc, either on the computer or in the DVD player it runs just fine.  The problem has me absolutely stumped.  I could understand if all the episodes had the same issue, because then I’d believe that it was just an issue with the disc.  Only one episode having a problem just doesn’t make any sense.  I may have to try ripping it with a program in Windows or Linux and see what happens there.  For now, I’m just watching the episode on DVD as I catch back up on the series.