Banging around the house.

Lately I’ve been managing to keep myself busy around the house.  I’ve been doing repainting and repairs around the house – there’s certainly more than enough that needs to be taken care of.  So far I’ve managed to paint the guest bedroom which was badly in need of it.  While it’s not the shade of yellow I would have picked, it has certainly grown on me.  It’s a very warm and inviting color.  All the trim is finally done, and other than touching up a few spots I’m ready to start moving stuff in to the guestroom to get it all setup.

The other day we ripped out our old front door and put in a brand new one.  The old one was pretty badly hung, and the area cut out for the door isn’t exactly straight.  It took us a bit of sawing, chiseling, and sanding down of things to get the new door frame in straight.  It’s in nicely now.  A brand new door knob and lock and it really looks greats.  Just need to touch up a little bit of paint on the frame and the door but that won’t taken terribly long.

The next big project is putting in the new ceiling fan that we bought.  We’re calling in a little help on that one as a lot of new electrical needs to be run and we’d rather have that taken care of by someone who knows what the hell they are doing.  It’ll be nice to have the fan (and light) in here.  It gets a little bit stuffy in the summer so it will be really nice to have some airflow in here.  It’s even reversible so that you can circulate the warm air in the winter.

After that I’ll be replacing all the light switches in the house with matching ones rather than the mismatched collection that came with the place.  I’m also going to fix one of the dimmer lights that never worked quite right.  There’s also some GFCI outlets that need to be installed for the bathroom sinks and by the kitchen sink.

Finally I’m going to set up the room we’ve been using as a library/storage as a home office/library.  That will mostly involve a lot of moving stuff around and finding places for things.  Likely it will mean more stuff being piled in to the basement – the basement that is a project for a much later date.  Right now my focus is on the upstairs and finding a home for everything.  It’s a great feeling to be busy again.