Media obsessions.

Apparently nothing is going on in the world other than people mourning the passing of a pop star they spent the last decade bashing.  It was once fashionable to make fun of the fading star who had destroyed both his physical and mental health through cosmetic surgery, high pressure since being a small child, drugs (legal or otherwise depending on who you ask) – he made it easy to slam him and people enjoyed doing just that.  Now he’s passed on and the media who often enjoyed pointing out all his failings is now acting like an Angel has fallen from the heavens.  There is a lot of tragedy to his life, that is for certain, and there was a lot of dumb things he brought upon himself.  Still it drives me up the wall how the media covers passing’s like this as if everything else in the world takes a back seat.  Every day since the news broke that Michael Jackson passed away it’s been the majority of links and articles on the CNN main page.  In fact the other day it was even several links in the technology section of CNN.  Personally I think things like North Korea’s continued missile testing, or even the judge acquitting of the Myspace Bullying convictions.

The irony is due to my utter lack of anything else to post I’m only being a part of that mass media obsession.