Give Me Love… NOW!

Yes, our cats want the love, and they want it all the time.  This, of course is pretty natural cat behavior.  Our siamese, however, has gotten really demanding at the worst possible times.  The other night while I was doing dishes I felt cat claws poke my butt.  He’s a big kitty.  He also decided he needs to wake us up in the middle of the night, and then when we call him, he hops right in to bed, curls up and goes to sleep.  It’s like he needs a written invitation.  Cats are odd birds.

(and yes, I know, there’s not much to this post, but I’m once again working on getting myself in to the habit of writing at least one thing daily.  I’ve got pick up hockey in a little bit so I wanted to hammer out something quick.  tomorrow I’ll post about a couple of new beers I plan on trying)