More Twisted Than the Day Before

Every day I think I’ve seen or read something that tops out the twisted meter, but then the next day I’m amazed to find something absolutely new.  Accord to a Metro Detroit news site a 35 year old woman used the internet to track down a teenage boy whom she had given up for adoption.  Okay, so far so good.  Nothing unusual about that.  She wants to reconnect for her pace.  Assuage her guilt maybe.  Or, maybe she tracked him down so she could do the mattress mambo with him.  Yup, that’s right, she tracked down her son and had sex with him.  These are the accusations and of course some people have jumped up to her defense.  It’s claimed that they found each other to reconnect, and that they had the adopted parents consent to meet and that the rest of it isn’t true.  People claiming to have connections to the accused have commented on websites and to the press to try and set the record straight.  Still, in the coming weeks I imagine some version of the truth will come out.

Just the fact that she has been charged with these things makes you wonder just what’s going on.  If true it is one of the more twisted things I’ve read about.  There’s been news made of teachers sleeping with their teenage students, but a mother searching out her kid to have sex with him?  Or ending up having sex with after it starting out to be something well meaning?  I’m not sure there’s any kind of justification for something like this.  Her defenders talk about threats being made and mental trauma, but once again there are some things that excuses just don’t cover and having sex with your child is right near the top of that list in my book.