I’ve Got a Sudden Craving for a Pepsi

When it comes down to the Cola wars I was always in the Coke camp.  Pepsi just has the kind of sweetness to it that hits my palette the wrong way.  However I’ve always loved Wild Cherry Pepsi and I’m of course a Mountain Dew fanatic.  Why is any of this relevant?  Well after seeing this website I got the strongest craving for anything made by Pepsi.

I am sick and tired of groups that try to regulate morality.  It’s right up there with those people who want to tax fattening foods.  If I want to eat unhealthy that’s my own choice, not something the government needs to put their sticky little mitts all over.  The same goes for morality – and of course the top of that subject has always been homosexuality.  Apparently the American Family Association is upping the ante in intolerance and bigotry by calling for a boycott of all Pepsi products.  The reason for this?  Pepsi refuses to “remain neutral in the culture war”.  Culture war?  Really?  I didn’t realize the gays and straights had taken up arms to promote their agendas.  Because we know if there’s a gay in your neighborhood they are going to do everything possible to  subvert your heterosexuality.  Yes, these people are part of the nutbag coalition that is fracturing this country by polarizing political camps and creating the us versus them mentality.  No compromise.  Winner take all.

My favorite moment from their lunacy was this gem:

PepsiCo, while promoting the homosexual agenda, refuses to give one penny to help those trapped in this destructive and unhealthy lifestyle.

Personally i’ve always felt the destructive and unhealthy lifestyle is one where we preach hate and intolerance.  If you feel strongly about homosexuality that is certainly your right.  But to then try and force your will upon other people is just plain wrong.  We can disagree about things, but to believe in the absolute truth and rightness of your position, that there is no middle ground, well look over to the Middle East for a great example of where that will get you.  Centuries of intolerance have led to bloodshed and wholesale slaughter.  I’d like to think the average person of the 21st century is capable of raising themselves above such petty behavior.

So I say to everyone who reads this, when you’re finished, go out and buy a Pepsi.