NHL Playoffs, The Second Round

Well there were only minor hiccups in the West for me that didn’t stop me from getting 4 for 4 on my picks. The East, however, is a different story. Who would have thought that going in to round 2 the highest seed remaining would be the number 4 seed? Who would have believed that all three division leaders were eliminated in the first round? That’s right, all that’s left in the East is 4, 6, 7, and 8 seeds. While Philadelphia winning their series didn’t shock me, I expected the other two division leaders to move on with flying colors. My Sabres failed me, not coming together and getting beaten down by a tenacious Boston team. Then, in an upset I am genuinely thrilled about, Team Ovechkin (the Washington Capitals) got taken down by the lowly Montreal Canadians, a team that wasn’t given a chance by anyone.

So here we go with my round 2 picks. … More NHL Playoffs, The Second Round