Buzz off!

So Google has unleashed its latest “we want to own all your data” demon in to the wild.  Google Buzz is Google embracing the social media madness.  It’s not terribly surprising that Google is entering this arena.  With the popularity of both Twitter and Facebook it’s hard to ignore to potential for generating a lot … More Buzz off!

Oh Comcast, you so silly!

Provide horrible customer service?  Constantly disconnecting users from the internet?  Charging highly obscene unadvertised penalties for users using too much data?  Throttling back network connections because your users dare actually use their available bandwidth?  All of this giving you a horrible corporate image that day after day takes more hits in the media?  If so, … More Oh Comcast, you so silly!

What, me be evil?

I’ve mused before about Google having power because of their access to amazing amounts of data.  Well one of the things I feared seems to be a step closer to reality.  It appears Google and the NSA are formalizing an agreement to work together.  The motives, on their very surface, seem innocent and practical enough. … More What, me be evil?

Network connections, the ticking time bomb.

I stumbled upon an interesting article comparing the safety of the internet to both a wild west frontier, and a place ruled by the “laws of the jungle”.  The article details data that was collected about the number, frequency, and scale of attacks on major corporate and governmental networks.  The scary part isn’t that this … More Network connections, the ticking time bomb.