Baby in a Construction Site.

Before the construction began I was worried that Gabriel would have problems with all the banging and assorted symphony of power tool noises. I was wracking my brains to come up with places to go to give him a reprieve from all the chaos. If anything, he’s been dealing with it better than I have.

It hasn’t been so bad, really. It’s just I find myself constantly relocating around the house in search of a room where they aren’t banging away just outside. This of course involves not only moving Gabriel with me, but also an army of little toys, seats, mats, blankets, and other assorted baby paraphernalia. This of course makes it a bit of a production number for me. I’m the one looking for little escapes for awhile. As for Gabriel, he’s napping away on his play mat while they tear large sections of wood siding right outisde the window.