Damn, I Got Pwn’d!

It appears I fell victim to an SQL injection hack on this website.  From the looks of it, it either happened late last night or early this morning.  I actually only caught it as quick as I did because my page was loading so slowly I checked to see what the hang up was and found it was attempting to connect to some weird ass site.  Looking that site up online I found that many WordPress sites hosted by my provided had fallen victim.  An improperly patched version of SQL perhaps?  They have a notice on their site about it, though they don’t go in to much detail, though it’s pretty obvious it was something on their end.  Fortunately they gave very good instructions on how to quickly remove the attack.  Then I went through the tedious nature of changing every password associated with my webhost and this blog.  Nothing like 16 character completely random generated passwords.  Password managers are a wonderful thing.

All seems to be right.  Looking through this page and back posts reveal the malicious site in question is no longer linked anywhere.  Anyone can screw up, but if it happens again I might be looking about for a new web host.  For now, however, it seems no harm, no foul.