So I’ll be Going to NHC 2013

When I very first learned that the 2013 National Homebrewer’s Conference was finally going to be back East I was excited! I’ve been homebrewing for quite awhile and the more I heard about the NHC the more I was intrigued by it. So when I learned it would be in Philadelphia I figured this would be my best chance to finally attend one. Of course then life suddenly got complicated. Not to mention we just had our second child so I essentially wrote the NHC off. Surprisingly, it was my wife who started poking and prodding me to go. I had it in my head it would be a bad idea and kept saying no, but she wore me down.

Though there were some minor issues trying to get to the website to register when it went live, I managed to get myself a ticket as well as reserve a hotel room where it’s being held. There’s a bunch of people from our local homebrew club going so I’m reasonably sure I won’t have an issue finding someone to split the cost of the room with me. Mostly I’m just excited to get to spend a few days listening to talks on brewing, share my passion with other like-minded people, and just have a good time in general.

I’m sure between now and June I’ll talk about it a little bit more as I hear more about it from people who have done the NHC before. Right now I’m just sort of basking in the glow of knowing this actually now a reality for me!