Taking Inventory: Hops

I’ve been really haphazard about keeping track of my homebrew ingredients for awhile. After going on a bit of a hop buying spree I figured that I should figure out exactly what I had and how much of it. After digging through the freezer and breaking out the scale I figured out I had 28 varieties totlaling 14 lbs. 4 oz. That averages out to 8 oz. per variety. The most I had of any one variety was 1 lbs. 13 oz (Cascade), and the smallest amount I had was .5oz (East Kent Golding). I’m probably set on hops for brewing for the rest of the year (though I’m sure I still pick up a couple ounces of some random speciality stuff here and there). I guess this summer I can probably work on a couple Double IPA’s as it seems I don’t have a shortage of hops at the moment.

Maybe I’ll have the motivation to inventory the grains tomorrow.