Random banner musings.

I’ve played musical chairs with the layout and themes of this blog almost more than I’ve actually made posts to it. For awhile I’ve settled on this one, and still have no real plans to make major changes to it. I’ve really enjoyed it’s minalmist look. However when I first switched to it I meant … More Random banner musings.


Making a Jailbreak

Well i already failed the post a day challenge I gave myself. However I’m not overly shocked by that failure. But I’ll just get right back on that horse and see if i can find a rhythm. Anyway… One feature I’ve always wished would be added to the iPad is the ability to select a … More Making a Jailbreak

Where did the time go?

Has it really been over two months since I posted? It certainly doesn’t seem like it; normally I’ve not let posting slip that far behind. It would be easy to blame it on having to take care of Gabriel along with the lack of sleep these days, but there wouldn’t be too much truth to that excuse. As with many things I have to chalk this one up to laziness. … More Where did the time go?

This is just a test.

This is just a quick test to see if the WordPress app for the iPad has fixed the date and time issue that was forcing posts to be delayed, or sometimes to just be plain wrong when feeding to other sites.

WordPress App Update

I’m not sure why I didn’t try ita while ago, but deleting the WordPress app and the reinstalling it has allowed me to once again access my site from my iPod Touch. It’s annoying that I had to do that (and then reposition all my apps), and it seems like I’m not alone with the … More WordPress App Update