Playoffs, Round 2

Woo boy that was a wild first round. While I didn’t even imagine the Rangers would possibly sweep the Thrashers all four teams I thought would advance did. In the West Vancouver kept me from calling all four winners out there. I can’t say I’m upset with them though as I really hate Dallas. Seven … More Playoffs, Round 2


A Sabres Update

I’ve been having issues with actually being able to watch the Sabres games. The problem lies in a tangled web having to do with Versus, MSG, and DISH network. Put simply on DISH any relevant network is being blacked out due to restrictions and failed negotiations. Since this problem doesn’t exist with cable I’ve been … More A Sabres Update

So it Goes.

I’m sure every news story and blog posting of Kurt Vonnegut’s passing has used the same subject, but it is fitting.  While I first read Slaughter House Five in high school I wasn’t a fan of Vonnegut until college.  I had caught the reading bug by high school, but anything that was required reading – … More So it Goes.

Just a working stiff.

Even though I’m in theory going back to Monday through Friday I still haven’t actually had that schedule yet. I should end up starting Monday through Friday which of course means another one day weekend for me. That’s okay though, I’ll survive. With my truck in for repairs I could use the extra hours anyway. … More Just a working stiff.