Demon Kitties!

Between the temperature changing which has been causing my sinuses to go in to overdrive, and the demon spawn cats I managed to get very little sleep last night.

The cats really were a tag team effort.  Heinlein started it off with her standing beside the bed and letting out these meows that sounded like she was some 60 year old chain smoker.  It didn’t take her long to quiet down, but as soon as I fell back asleep she leaped up on the bed and began to lick my head.   Nothing like a sand paper tongue across your scalp to make sleep difficult.  Finally got her convinced to go settle down on the other side of the bed when I ended up having to get up to take sinus medication because my head felt like it was going to explode.  Sleep finally came again, but didn’t last long.  Oliver curled up on top of my legs for a nice nap, but apparently Monty decided nap time was over and it was now play time as he kept leaping on top of Oliver.   Oliver ignored him for awhile but Monty must have gotten a good bite in because Oliver yelped and went on the offensive.  I kept tossing them off the bed, but they kept leaping back up to continue with their battle royale.  By the time they ran off to go fight or sleep, or whatever they did in the other room I managed a bit of sleep before the alarm went off.  Today I am a zombie.  I love the dumbshit cats, but damned if I didn’t want to lock them in a small closet somewhere far far away from me.  The seemingly obvious answer would be to close the bedroom door, but I know that wouldn’t work.  All three of them would unite in a cacaphony of unearthly meowing, taking shifts so they could keep it up all night long.

These are just cats – it really makes me wonder how people ever have more than once child.  I’ve heard the stories.  After experiencing that once how could you ever want to put yourself through that again?