The Simpsons.

So tonight for Denise’s birthday we went out to see the Simpson’s movie.  I was really worried about this film as I love the Simpsons.  I’ve adored the show ever since the first time I caught an episode of it.  When I lived with Brian and JC it was one of only a couple of … More The Simpsons.


Geekgasm part 2.

There we go, a few days ago I got World of Warcraft running on my Ubuntu linux box.  It requires WINE to play, but it runs just peachy keen.  I didn’t play for an extended period of time but after 15 minutes everything was still working.  I’m not sure I’ll really play much on it, … More Geekgasm part 2.


I may have been down and out because of my back the past couple of days but I did manage to do something productive. Well the relative merits of how productive it actually was could be debated, but for my purposes it was productive indeed. The chair in the house that gave my back the … More Geekgasm.

Papa needs a new back.

After fracturing my back and hip when I was younger I always knew later in life it would lead to problems. Of course back then I didn’t think about it or care much because that was so much further down the line it seemed like forever. Well welcome to forever. The other day my back … More Papa needs a new back.

The Holiday Week.

It’s strange when a holiday falls in the middle of the week. The 4th is on a Wednesday this year, and thankfully we’re closed on the 4th. So that means I work Monday and Tuesday, I have a day off, then I work Thursday and Friday, then I have my normal weekend. It’s certainly nice … More The Holiday Week.