Harry Potter (no spoilers)

Yes, I was a big dork and read the Seventh Harry Potter the same day that it arrived. It took roughly 10 hours so basically that’s all I did Saturday. Did I enjoy it? Yes, I did indeed. I also wasn’t terribly shocked by some of the revelations in it, and I’m still not sure whether or not I’m satisfied with how it all came together, but overall I enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s the depth of the characters that really makes all of the books work for me – that and all the little details of the wizarding world. The stories were always fairly elementary, but they are told well and that makes up for a lot. I can say I’m satisfied that the series (at least this story arc) has come to an end.

Now I’ll be going back to the reading of the Dresden Files series. I’ve read the first four books in that series. Again, it’s made up of really deep characters and lots of interesting little details that makes the world feel real.

I need to do some reviews of books – I read a lot. Okay, I don’t read as much as I used to and as much as I would like, but I do have a degree in English. I could, after all, do something at least moderately useful with the time spent in school.