Two in a row.

I wouldn’t go an say that this is a trend – two posts in a row – it might very well end up being yet another anomaly, but I am trying. It’s not that I don’t always have things to say, hell when in doubt I always have something to rant about. It just seems … More Two in a row.

The Best of Intentions.

I always have the best of intentions to update this site with far more regularity, especially after all the issues (technical and political) with LiveJournal these days. Of course I haven’t exactly updated that with any regularity either other than to remind people of various Ithaca Beer going ons. I’m sure not really many people … More The Best of Intentions.

My Whackjob Town.

To say Ithaca is eccentric would be the understatement of the year. It’s yet another fine example of the minority being so vocal they color all perceptions of a place. These so called “enlightened” people are some of the most close-minded hypocritical types that I’ve ever met. They claim to want free and open debate, … More My Whackjob Town.

Demon Kitties!

Between the temperature changing which has been causing my sinuses to go in to overdrive, and the demon spawn cats I managed to get very little sleep last night. The cats really were a tag team effort.  Heinlein started it off with her standing beside the bed and letting out these meows that sounded like … More Demon Kitties!