Sweet Google(y) Moogaly!

Google just started offering IMAP support in GMail. This is a feature that makes me happier than it should!  I despise POP almost as much as I hate using a web based interface when I don’t have to.  Now, with IMAP, I can keep my mail client sync’d nicely whether using the mail client itself … More Sweet Google(y) Moogaly!


Ithaca Beer After Dark

Awhile ago the brewery attempted to get a license so that we could sell beer by the pint.  The theory was that we would have a couple nights a week where we would do a happy hour.  The town dropped the hammer on that idea though.  Still, they ended up purchasing a couple of pub … More Ithaca Beer After Dark

Slipping time.

Turn your back for a moment and the days whip on by.  Still, as far as posting goes it’s been a better month than most.  Time to really focus that brain in for the writingpaloza that will be November. The wedding yesterday was nice.  It was very casual, very laid back, and I my lazy … More Slipping time.

Bottles of beer.

There had been a delay in bottling any of our homebrew that was caused by great laziness.  Sanitizing bottles is slow, messy, and really annoying.  I’m not a fan of the whole bottling.  Though I will admit once I actually get underway with it, it’s not as bad.  Getting the motivation to start the process … More Bottles of beer.

NaNoWriMo ho!

So for the second time I am going to make a go of NaNoWriMo.  Last year I tried to accomplish the 50,000 word “novel” but I petered out on it rather quick.  I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve been looking to jump start creativity so I think this might be just what the doctor … More NaNoWriMo ho!

Hacking Classic.

I forgot how fun Wargames is.  Such a classic 80’s movie and as far as I can tell the first movie about computer geekness.  I almost wish I had a copy of Real Genius to put on now.  It’s one hell of a double feature! I also watched Ultraviolet earlier today thanks to Netflix. Yup, … More Hacking Classic.

Going Lo-tech.

As I had mentioned earlier I’m trying to bring a little more organization in to my life and I had been looking at various methods of doing so. One of my biggest hurdles has always been remembering things. I tend to remember I need to do something pretty much minutes before it needed to get … More Going Lo-tech.

Some random thoughts.

– Okay, I’ve obviously failed to post every day, but I am posting with far more regularity and to me that is a win. – For some reason I keep reading “neocons” as “necrons”.  Too much Warhammer 40k I suppose. – I thought we were under a storm warning until 10:30pm, it turns out it’s … More Some random thoughts.

So, not a good start.

Well the Sabres aren’t off to the best of starts this season.  Okay, it could have been worst, but they dropped their opener against the NY Islanders 4-6.  From the sounds of it, defensively speaking, it was a pretty sloppy game on both sides, but especially so for the boys from Buffalo.  Everyone was worried … More So, not a good start.