Back in the saddle.

Want to talk about all kinds of server messups, and other issues. That’s what I get for giving someone else temporary administrative access on this server. You can bet I won’t be making that mistake again – at least not without testing their OS X server fu first. I still need to do a little tweaking to get the speed back up – it’s running a little slow, but I haven’t investigated why yet. First things first, I wanted to get the Travesty proper back up and running.

Since getting engaged I’ve actually been trying to think things out more and make a plan of attack in regards to long term projects. At the very least I’m trying to outline the projects I want to get done. I haven’t set any type of deadlines, though it probably would be good to as I work better when I actually have a set time table for getting something done. In that regard I’ve been working out a check list of things I want to do to both the server end of this site, and the actual web presence part. There’s several projects I’ve always wanted to do, but for all sorts of reasons never actually did. I now have much more clear of a goal for what I want to do with this website. Some parts are still vague and unstructured, but I’ve got some basic goals set. I’m even looking in to various types of task based software to help me keep track of these things, and time lines, etc. Self-improvement, what a weird concept, but for a change it actually feels less like I’m just forcing myself to do something, and more like I’m actually trying to declutter and take an active stance in to improving the self a little. No, I’m not going to become some task oriented freak with every daily aspect of their life planned out months in advance. I’m only trying to give myself a basic framework – mostly in regards to long term projects. I still have no clue what I’ll be doing this weekend, and quite frankly I like that.