So, not a good start.

Well the Sabres aren’t off to the best of starts this season.  Okay, it could have been worst, but they dropped their opener against the NY Islanders 4-6.  From the sounds of it, defensively speaking, it was a pretty sloppy game on both sides, but especially so for the boys from Buffalo.  Everyone was worried about offensive production from the Sabres after losing Briere and Drury, but it seems like people are stepping up to fill that offensive vacuum.  The defensive core hasn’t really changed much, but apparently the defense is still on holiday.  They are without Numminen until November, and that has to hurt some, but it still doesn’t account for their allowing shots from every angle.

Of course I had hoped things might be a little bit better tonight.  Their defense was a little tighter, but still pretty lousy as they dropped a 2-3 decision against the Islanders.  There’s still 80 games to go in the regular season, but starting out with a pair of loses isn’t exactly an encouraging way to start off the season.