Choo choo!

In an effort to learn something new – I like to try and pick up one new skill a year – I think I’m going to attempt to learn Ruby on Rails.  Why?  Couldn’t tell you, but what the heck, all the cool kids seem to be doing it!

Now what?

Ithaca is home to the wackiest weather.  Last week we had rain, ice, snow, sun, fog, and all sorts of other fun.  One day in fact we had thunder while it was snowing which was quite surreal.  Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to jump up in to the mid-60’s which of course will mean lots … More Now what?


Happy Birthday to me!

Well it’s the double 3 today.  Yup, one of those repititive kind of brithday numbers, 33. Nothing special is planned, just a relaxing day at home.  A couple of friends are likely coming over so we can eat copious amounts of bacon, enjoy a beer or two, and watch ‘I Am Legend’ (which I have … More Happy Birthday to me!


Well last night Niagara lost to Michigan in the opening round of the men’s college hockey tournament.  Was I surprised by this?  No, not really.  Was I surprised by the score?  Again, not really.  Niagara played a great first period, not allowing Michigan to get their offense going.  In the second they had some shaky … More Hockeytime!

Fitting post.

It’s pretty fitting that the post that has remained the most recent here for so long was about bacon.  After all, there are few things out there that don’t become even more succulent with the application of bacon. This snow on the ground is alarming.  Not the bad kind of alarming, just a general dreamy … More Fitting post.