Well last night Niagara lost to Michigan in the opening round of the men’s college hockey tournament.  Was I surprised by this?  No, not really.  Was I surprised by the score?  Again, not really.  Niagara played a great first period, not allowing Michigan to get their offense going.  In the second they had some shaky moments, but played pretty solid, but Michigan did climb ahead with a 2 goal lead.  In the third period Michigans skill and conditioning came in to play and they just dominated every aspect of the game.  I’m proud of how they did everything they could to keep themesleves in the game.  They hit hard, and they didn’t want to give up.  It was a pretty good showing for going up against the team that nearly everyone has picked to win the whole thing (personally I’ve got North Dakota to win the championship this year).  With an uncertain future for their conference next season it should be interested to see what happens.

Later today it’ll be nice to see people from my adult league hockey team.  We’re having a little get together to drink beer, barbeque, and just relax.  It would have been nice for a little warmer weather (ie, not a blanket of wet heavy snow on the ground), but it should still be a good day anyway.