Fitting post.

It’s pretty fitting that the post that has remained the most recent here for so long was about bacon.  After all, there are few things out there that don’t become even more succulent with the application of bacon.

This snow on the ground is alarming.  Not the bad kind of alarming, just a general dreamy type.  However our road is clear which means the roads can’t be bad since this one is one of the absolute last in the county to get plowed.  Feel the love.

Niagara plays Michigan tonight in the first round of the NCAA Men’s hockey tournament.  I really hope the boys can keep it a close game and not get slaughtered.  Sure, there’s some cosmically small chance they will pull off the upset, and damn do I hope it happens, but more realistcally I just want them to keep it competitive.

I suppose I should head to work.