Why can’t we just start the month on the 2nd?

I’ve never much been a fan of April’s fools.  Tons of corny jokes, the fact that any internet site I read for entertainment is generally filled with so much made up crap (and most of it not overly clever) that it makes it unreadable.  You can’t trust people.  Not that I’m big on trust to begin with, but today only makes it worse.

Worse still when something relevant actually happens you’re not sure if you should believe it.  Friends getting spontaneously married, or another friends house burning to the ground.  Yes, both of these things have happened to people I know on April 1.  Of course you are on gaurd and figure maybe they are just trying to pull something over on you.  Personally I think the whole tradition is rubish, we should abolish the 1st and just start April on the 2nd instead.